Councillors are sharing information and seeking feedback about the proposed merger of local Community Councils.


Meetings at Horton Village Hall (Monday 1st July 2024 8:30pm) and Oxwich & Penrice Hall (Tuesday 2nd July 7:30pm).


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Our Website

This is the official website of Penrice Community Council. It is being maintained by local people for local people.

The purpose of the website is to meet the Council's legal obligations to publish specific information online and also to share other information which could be of interest to local people.

Our Community

Our community is in South Wales, on the south coast of the Gower Pensinsula near the city of Swansea, and includes the villages of Horton, Oxwich, Oxwich Green, Penrice, Slade and Little Reynoldston. The Gower Peninsula was the first area of Britain to be designated an AONB - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - and the south coast faces North Devon over the Bristol Channel.

This has always been a farming area and farming is still the main land use. However, some land has been diverted to holiday and chalet parks and there is also holiday accommodation within the villages so that tourism is significant locally and to Swansea. Residents and visitors enjoy the varied landscapes and seascapes, and walking and recreation on the beaches and bays is popular.

The Community Council is named after Penrice for historic reasons. Penrice was the local feudal manor and Horton was a sub-manor. Now Horton and Oxwich are the larger settlements.

Our Council

Penrice Community Council is one of 24 community councils covered by the City & County of Swansea.

The Community Council consists of nine unpaid volunteers who work with a part-time clerk on behalf of just over 400 electors. The Council is funded from a small precept collected with the Council Tax and is governed by strict guidelines.

The Community Council holds ordinary meetings most months, with the venue alternating between Oxwich and Horton. Occasionally, additional meetings are necessary. All meetings are publicised and are run in a formal manner. They are open to the public and there are some opportunities for members of the public to speak. Local people are encouraged to share information and express their views outside meetings either by contacting local councillors directly or through the clerk on behalf of the Council. The Community Council can become involved in any matter which affects the local community.

The Community Council can determine specific matters. It owns Greens in Horton and Oxwich Green and has provided notice boards and seats in several locations. It can provide funds to local organisations and for specific events. It has traditionally given support to the halls in Oxwich and Horton, and also to the churches of St. Illtyd's (Oxwich) and St. Andrew’s (Penrice) and the Methodist Chapel (Horton) to contribute to the upkeep of buildings or for specific equipment. It helps fund annual children's parties in the two halls as well as an impressive annual fireworks display on Horton Green.

The Council may make representations in response to consultations - this includes providing a local response to planning applications and on wider issues such as sand dredging.

Councillors take the initiative when they observe or are advised that there is something of local concern. Examples have included dangerous steps on public land and problem styles on footpaths.

The Council has an obligation to make some information available to the local community by public notice and online. This website is the latest development in meeting that obligation and in sharing additional information with the community.

Local Information

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Coronavirus: For information relating to Penrice Community Council and to the Community during the COVID-19 outbreak see this page.

Coronavirus: For information published by Swansea Council relating to the COVID-19 outbreak see Coronavirus Help.

Most Recent Meeting: For decisions and draft minutes see Related Documents for the following meeting at Council Meetings.

Next Scheduled Meeting: The next ordinary meeting is will be at 7:30pm on 30th June 2022. Meetings are open to local residents at Horton Village Hall and remotely through zoom. Zoom is available as a back-up if the meeting cannot be held at the hall.

Audit 2020-2021: The Audit has been completed without any qualification.

Audit 2021-2022: The Annual Return will be completed at the PCC meeting of the 30th June 2022. The following has been issued and posted on this website:
Notice of Appointment of the Date for the Exercise of Electors’ Rights 2022

Local Events Now:The local elections and community council elections took place on Thursday 5th May 2022. The Penrice Wards were not contested and the persons elected for Horton Ward, Oxwich Ward and Penrice Ward were confirmed wc 11.04.2022. The resultant vacancy will be filled by cooption. See Notice of Cooption.