Please send all messages for Council or the website directly to the Clerk at Please do not attempt to use the Contact Us Form.


For information relating to Penrice Community Council and to the Community during the COVID-19 outbreak see this page.

For information published by Swansea Council relating to the COVID-19 outbreak see Coronavirus Help.

Currently PCC draft minutes will be posted here when they are available after a meeting. Once the next meeting is confirmed the draft minutes will be posted with the Related Documents for that meeting.

The audit process has been affected by Covid-19. See Council Notices for all Notices and Related Documents, including Notice of Delay in Audit 2019-2020 (posted here 20.06.2020), Notice of Electors' Rights 2019-2020 (posted here 16.08.2020), Annual Return Year Ending 31st March 2020 and Notice confirming this has been published before the completion of the relevant audit and Notice of Conclusion of Audit and Requisite Information (posted 30.11.2020).

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