The Council

Penrice Community Council consists of nine unpaid volunteers and a Clerk to the Council/Responsible Finance Officer who works for the Council on a part-time basis.

The Council and individual Councillors are governed by legislation and codes - see below and also see Resources.

The Clerk advises Council on legislation and procedure and carries out the administration of the Council.

Much of the work of the Council is carried out through Council Meetings. The topics covered are covered by the Minutes of Council Meetings and within Community Matters.

The management and finances of the Council are audited annually. Details are covered in Council Meetings and related documents are also available.

Notice will be given when local residents can seek appointment to the Council. This is usually once every four years for elections or when there is a vacancy. Councillors represent one of three local Wards: Horton, Oxwich or Penrice.

Details of the current members of Penrice Community Council are shown on the left.

Councillor Roles

The Chair of Penrice Community Council is Cllr Alan Glass
The Vice-Chair of Penrice Community Council is Cllr Jon Tarrant
The Co-ordinator for the PCC Defibrillators is Cllr Andy Barraclough
The Guardian for the Horton Defibrillators is Cllr Andy Barraclough
The Guardian for the Oxwich Defibrillator is Cllr Rob Newman
The Guardian for the Oxwich Green Defibrillator is Cllr Rob Newman
The Councillor responsible for the Website & related Mailing is Cllr Jan Ellis
The Councillor responsible for liaising with the Clerk/RFO over Governance & Regulations is Cllr Jan Ellis
The PCC One Voice Wales Representatives are Cllr Alan Glass & Cllr Rob Newman

Councillor Conduct

The Welsh Assembly Government issued a revised Code of Conduct for all Councillors in Wales in April 2016. The City & County of Swansea and Penrice Community Council have adopted this code without modification.

It is a requirement of this code that Councillors record interests which might affect activities related to the Council. See Declarations of Interest.

Council Governance

Community Councils are governed by national legislation and their own regulations. For the PCC these include orders and regulations within:

PCC Standing Orders
PCC Financial Regulations

PCC Accounting & Internal Controls
PCC Managing Risk
PCC Managing Internal Audit
PCC Procurement & Expenditure
PCC Employment Responsibilities

PCC Handbook

Privacy Notice

Freedom of Information

Any Freedom of Information requests should be made to the Clerk of the Council.